Papa Was A Good Man

I remember when papa finally gave up drinking
I think mama was the only one on earth that really thought he could
I remember all the times we'd packed everything we owned
Into some old car and started out for some new town
And through it all mama's faith was the one thing
That was strong enough to finally do the some good

She said your papa is a good man and don't you kids forget it
The whiskey's tryin' to ruin him but I know the Lord won't let it
Then we sang Amazing Grace and Bringing In The Sheaves
Rock of ages rock of ages left for me

- Johnny Cash

Postat av: Marcus Å

Det är bra med mig också. Vad gör du idag?

2010-09-23 @ 13:38:57
Postat av: sophie

Veckans blogg tävling på bloggen :)

2010-09-23 @ 21:29:16

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